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    The American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy has been serving its members since 1990, and has experienced a significant growth in membership annually, putting ABCH in a top-10 position in terms of membership size, when comparing all Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy membership organizations. The ABCH was originally formed to address the needs of practicing Hypnotherapists working in the area of Clinical Hypnotherapy. ABCH currently has no continuing education requirements for its members to maintain their membership, which facilitates the Certified Hypnotherapist in maintaining his Board-Certifed status, without having to commit to expensive and time-consuming ceu courses.

    ABCH chooses to support the needs of practicing Certified Hypnotherapists in the US, Canada, and overseas, and in promoting public awareness of the value of Hypnotherapy as well as the professionalism of those who practice in our field.