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  • 1. Executive Membership

  • Executive Membership level is our top membership level. Certified Hypnotherapists are eligible for membership at all
    membership levels, but a Hypnotherapy Certification is required for the Executive Membership level. The annual recurring investment for membership is $75.

  • 2. Provisional Membership

  • This is the membership level for enrolled Hypnotherapy Certification students in approved and participating Hypnotherapy Certification trainings. Successful completion of the training program results in Executive Membership in ABCH. Check with your training provider for details on their ABCH program. There is no fee at this level.
  • 3. Associate Membership

  • The Associate level is available to anyone who is not a Certified Hypnotherapist, and imparts limited membership benefits to non-Certified Hypnotherapists, who choose to support the field. The membership cost for Associate Membership is $55. This membership does not provide a Certified Hypnotherapist Certificate, but an Associate Membership Certificate.